Michael Silvers

WELCOME ALL CREATIVES! 5dimensions is open to business…

Welcome message from J. Michael Silvers G., Chief Editor and Co-founder of 5dimensions.

Leipzig, Germany.

As we say it all the time: “the right type of art, design, and architecture can actually change the world!”

We are serious about it. We want all the right type of projects to be built, exposed, used. We have created this platform to welcome all innovative ideas that share our interest in sustainability, environmental protection, low carbon footprint, positive impact. We all want to save the world! Let’s join forces and do it!

How does it work?

You can send us an Email with your project description in 400 words max., some images in 1.5 mp, and links to your portfolio and videos. We will publish the best and most relevant to our blog, and help you to get noticed. The articles can be in English, German, Spanish, French or Italian (Our editorial team can manage these). PDF formats are not accepted, But we recommend you to publish them in http://issuu.com/ and send us your link. Also, feel free to renew your information and progress on your project. We know it is your baby, and we also want to see it grow and develop.

What do I get from it?

You will add exposure to your project. We try to connect you with potential contractors-investors-city halls. We all want to see a really good project being executed and being used, and not to stay in plans and ideas only, we have some precious time to save, our planet needs us now!

How long does it take to get published?

Not much. Our editorial team, located in different countries and time-zones, try their best to have them online as soon as possible. It all depends on the traffic and type of material. We will do several proofreadings. You will be informed by Email of the week you will be “on air”.

Can I join your team?

We are all volunteering and welcome your applications.

What about some legal stuff?

We are working on that.

Basically, all YOUR material remains yours. We will not hold your project, publish it, pass it to interested target users against your will neither will sell it nor rent it in any way at all.

I Repeat: We will handle your material with your consent only.

We are not responsible for any comments or statements (in any media) where a third party is affected or offended.

We are not responsible for your originality! If your project contains something that belongs to someone else you will be held accountable and we will not hesitate to give your information to the affected person. In addition, if that proved to be the case, your material will be deleted. That goes all the way from the text where more that one sentence has been copied without reference from other people’s materials, to videos, graphics, logos, sketches, background images, renderings, ideas, inventions, names, identities…

If you would like to add some of this blog’s material to your website, you must add also the appropriate citations:

1. this blog’s address: https://05dimensions.wordpress.com/

2. Name and website of article sources.

3. Name of the author of the article and name of the author of the author of the source. That is just fair and standard procedure for any reasonably serious publication. I wish you all the best and encourage you to get creative and start posting your work to the world.

A sound piece of advice:

Do register and patent all your creations before going online with them! You will avoid some sad and frustrating events in the future, and if a theft conflict ends up in litigation, you might get some substantial compensation.

 Michael Silvers

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