Power Long on the side of the Huang He river, Pudong District, Shanghai, China.


The Power Long in Shanghai, a “Drone-Car Tower”, cleans up air and river pollution while generating renewable energy.

Welcome to the “Super Green Building”.

A flying car is not anymore just science fiction or dream of the future. It’s already a reality. Drone cars have been in experimental tries, and they’re going to change how we shape our lives.

With the advent of air traffic directly from our workplace to home, how will be the buildings of the future? Will they accommodate to this new three-dimensional traveling, or will we face “airspace traffic jams” on the waiting for parking lots for drones?

Architect and urban designer Richard Moreta has come with the “Drone Car Tower” concept (first conceived by RA+D was the Moscow Tower in 2015 with a similar concept), to respond to the future demand our cities will have, and as he explains: “Changing the Traditional bi-dimensional Master Plan layout, for a new tridimensional Vertical Master Plan of Urban planning”.



Drone pads, vertical gardens, tridimensional transportation and a vertical master plan.


Already the crown jewel of the United Arab Emirates gets to claim bragging rights as the first city to unleash flying passenger drones, and also officials in Nevada are seeking the FAA’s approval on flying passenger drones, so it looks like we are going to have this product sooner than expected.

A ‘drone-ready’ condo tower for Shanghai has been already designed by the TEAM RA+D – and it’s construction maybe will be faster than we think.
The Drone Car Tower, that looks like a futuristic condo building, is an inhabitant monument that represents the “Chinese Dragon”, with landing pads along its vertical central core to accommodate Drone car pads.



Helix design, resembling the scales of a dragon


The location will be in the Pudong District, Shanghai. The Smart Super Green Building Shanghai will be a new symbol to the City of Shanghai, the Power Long. Under a relatively low budget of USD 600 Million, its construction is projected between 2018-20 in agreement with Pat Lin Managing Partner with Prestige Group of Companies, Singapore.



Vertical city interconnected: Drone cars, Ekobahn (Bicimetro), underground transport grid.




Social, commercial and recreational areas on the base podium.




High-tech engineering, airy design, and uplifting geometry.

Characteristics of the “Super Green Building”:
1. City Inhabitat Monument of Shanghai. This building is aimed to produce a subtle sense of Chinese beauty and spirituality with the Dragon theme. It studies the relations between the symbol and dynamic community that develop around itself.
2. To decrease Shanghai’s traffic congestion, it will be the First Drone-Cars Docking Station and Parking along the building structure.
3. Vertical Forrest with the capacity to accommodate 50,000 trees and shrubs, plus 180 CO2 Extractors along its core. Turning the CO2 into Ionodize condense air and every hour expel the air from the chimney at the top with concentration clouds inform of clouds and with the LED spotlight create the effect of fire in the air, that will be expel in numbers every hour agree with the number of the hour at the moment, creating the first smoke and chromatic clock for the reference of the Shanghai community.
4. Recycling Water Plant. UV Disinfection of Wastewater will be thru ultraviolet (UV) disinfection treatment of chemical chlorine disinfection, as UV is safe, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective.
5. Vertical Electrical Power Plant based on renewable energies Solar Power (on the top of the Upper Podium), Wind Power (on its body), Hydrokinetic Power (underwater) and Geothermic Power (underground at lower podium).
6. Water River Biology Laboratories.
7. New Park and “Botanic Garden Four Seasons” with the re-creation of each season and its biosphere.
8. Multi-Use Building for a convention center, commercial, hospitality and residential uses.
9. LIVE-WORK-TRAIN-FUN lifestyle installation for the Shanghai International Business Center.
10. Permaculture Field along the Vertical Garden will be the technic to implement at its hanging gardens.

“You wouldn’t need to buy their own drone car. Simply order a ride with a taxi app and it will be on your balcony!”




Definitely, rigorous safety standards will be applied, both for the building as also for the increase in air traffic around other buildings. In the future, roller design corridors could slide down when an inbound vehicle is approaching.


The future is here and the Drone Car Tower is born!


Michael Silvers

Prof. Arch. Richard Moreta / Design & Concept
Team Work:
-Dir. Pat Lin, Promoter
-Arch. Juvenal Echenique, Design / Project Architect
-Dis. Michael Silvers, Design / Project Management
-Dis. Javier Miramontes, Design / Production Team
-Dis. Morgan Prost, Design / Production Team
-Eng. Hugo Balbuena / Dir. Project Engineer

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